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Revolutionary Boston, Lexington and Concord
The Shots Heard 'Round the World!

    By Joseph L. Andrews, Jr., MD

The only comprehensive guide to the Revolutionary history of Boston and towns west of the city just got better.

In 1997 Dr. Joel Andrews self-published a concise First Edition that sold out in several months. He brought out a longer Second Edition in 1999 that quickly established itself as the indispensable guide for visitors to the Boston area, who wanted to learn about both the history and the historic sites of the American Revolution to visit today.

Fully revised, updated and redesigned in 2002 with the help of the New England publisher Commonwealth Editions, the Third Edition features:

  • Individual chapters on the Revolutionary history of Boston, Cambridge, Lexington, and Concord, as well as other important towns along the Battle Road
  • Sites to visit in each town
  • A new guide to Boston's Freedom Trail
  • Chapters on the roles played in the American Revolution by women, children, African Americans, native Americans, and Jews

JOSEPH LYON “JOEL” ANDREWS, JR., MD is a physician, author, activist, and history buff. A former resident of Boston, he now lives in Concord, where he is a licensed Concord Guide, founder and director of Concord Guides Walking Tours, and a former member of the Concord Historical Commission. He is also a free-lance writer for the Boston Globe and for many other publications.

Paper - 6" x 9" - 160 pp. - 75 illustrations - $14.95 - ISBN 1-889833-22-3

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    Literary Concord Uncovered

        By Joseph L. Andrews, Jr., MD

    Why did Concord, Massachusetts, the small inland farming village, twenty miles northwest of Boston, become the center of America's intellectual life in the mid 1800's? And why did celebrated authors Henry D. Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Fuller all live and write at that same time in Concord?

    Literary Concord Uncovered provides a wonderful introductory overview of Concord's classic authors and their creations. It reveals some of the secrets that enabled these brilliant American authors to write their pioneering works, which include Thoreau's Walden, Emerson's "Self Reliance" Alcott's Little Women and Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. This book will help readers gain a deeper understanding and experience greater enjoyment from reading extraordinary and exciting books by many of Concord's-and America's-greatest authors.

    The book can also serve as a very useful guide book for visitors to Concord, since it details Concord's many famous (and accessible) literary and historic sites to visit today.

    Signed copies are available on request from the author, at select Concord stores, from or from The cost is $19.95 for the soft cover edition and $29.95 for the hard cover edition.

    ISBN 1-14990-3984