Preface to the Third Edition with Acknowledgments			vii 

Part I.- The Road to Rebellion in Boston, Lexington and Concord 
Boston: From Realm to Rebellion						2 
Lexington: Where the Green Flowed Red					20 
Who Fired the First Shots at Lexington?					30 
Concord: The Shot Heard 'Round the World				32 
Two Fateful Days in 1775, Hour by Hour					44 
Developments at Minute Man National Park and the New Battle 
  Road Trail (Lou Sideris)						48 
Boston: From Bunker Hill to the British Evacuation			52 
The Freedom Trail: A Walk through Boston's Past				58 
Colonial Idioms Alive Today (D. Michael Ryan)				88 

Part II. Towns of the Battle Road and Beyond 
Cambridge: Puritans, Patriots, Tories, and Scholars			92 
Arlington: The Battle Road's Most Savage Fighting 
  (D. Michael Ryan)							100
Lincoln: The Battle Road Runs Through It (Donald L. Hafner)		105 
Bedford's Contributions to the Cause (with John E. Filios)		110 
Acton: "I Haven't a Man Who is Afraid to Go'				114 
Sudburys April Morning Uay Cannon)					120 
Muster Roll of Towns That Sent Men to the Concord Fight			125 

Part III. All Played A Part 
The Daughters of Liberty (D. Michael Ryan)				128 
Children in the American Revolution (Stephanie Bowen)			132 
Black Americans' Battle for Freedom (D. Michael Ryan)			135 
Native Americans and the Revolution (Shirley Blancke)			139 
Jewish Contributions to the Fight for Liberty 				142 

Index									145 

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